About Us

History of Merseyside Branch

The Merseyside branch of the national charity the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) has been active for approximately 20 years. The group was founded to provide help, advice and assistance to patients, relatives, friends and care providers throughout the whole North West region. We are fully affiliated to the national SIA based in Milton Keynes and have helped to implement their national charitable aims and objectives in our local area.

Our Group

Our group does have a serious side because the ongoing help and information needs of the spinal injured community are so great. We are always available to give whatever advice and assistance we can.

In recent years we have embarked upon several very worthwhile and rewarding projects. In 2006, our Emergency Medical Card was distributed to every UK member of the SIA and is now in its third edition. The group has staged many successful seminars on numerous topics relevant to the spinal injured community and these have helped to reduce the huge knowledge gap in many areas of spinal injury. We hope to be able to offer a free seminar related to Funding and Managing Care Needs, to take place at Neurosupport on 6th May 2015 and will be open to all.